AMP Rapid Test for COVID-19 IgG/IgM Antibodies


The coronavirus pandemic was put an enormous strain on health systems and hospitals globally. Worldwide there is shortage of quick tests to allow citizen checks for COVID-19. The AMD Rapid test for COVID-19 is an easy and simple to use solution that doctors can use to make test on their patients. In just five minutes you can get a highly accurate blood test result (estimated over 95%accuracy). It allows to detect specific markers of anti-bodies developed in patients who are carrying or have gone through a coronavirus infection.

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The AMD Rapid test for coronavirus is a compelte kit for COVID-19 testing. It includes the test cassette, and single use pipette for blood sample taking. Using it is extremely simple and does not require any medical training. To take a SARS CoV-2 test, you can use a sterile needle to take a drop of blood from the patient’s finger, use the pipette to take the sample and then carefully, making sure you won’t contaminate it, place it in the container of the coronavirus test cassette.


Add a frop of blood to the container (S) using the pipette. Add 90µl of buffer in the (B) container. Wait for 10 minutes for the results. Please note the buffer liquid is not included. You can use normal saline bought from any pharmacy.

Reading the COVID-19 test results

Accurate results can be expected in about ten minutes (internal testing shows up to 96% accuracy in results).  The IgM test can be up to 96% accurate, while the IgG – 95%. Reading the results is as follows:

  • Letter C – control line, lack of control line means that the test is invalid.
  • Letter G – IgG test line, if it appears, and the control line is visible, then the test is valid and positive
  • Letter M – IgM test line, if it appears, and the control line is visible, then the test is valid and positive

If either or both of the IgG and IgM lines are visible along with the control line – the test is positive. If either of both IgG and IgM lines are visible, but the control line isn’t – the test is invalid. Please note that even a very faint line still means the test is valid.

COVID-19 test results

Note that this quick test is mean to be used only us a point of reference and on-field solution and its results are in no way conclusive. Extensive lab tests are necessary for a conclusive COVID-19 test results. Consult your doctor for further information

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