Biozin Kids Colostrum Syrup 100ml


Biozin Kids Colostrum Syrup is a highly-rated food supplement from BioShield that is designed to enhance children’s immune system. Now sold by Skin Heal, this well-recommended immunostimulant syrup contains colostrum that is scientifically proven to be a several times more effective antiviral solution than the flu shot. It does not contain any risky or aggressive ingredients, making it ideal for kids.

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Application of Biozin Kids Colostrum Syrup

This top-performing food supplement can be used by children of all ages. It is recommended that it is taken in single daily doses of 5ml before meal. It is a strawberry-flavored immune syrup that has ZERO sugar, gluten and alcohol in its composition. Therefore, Biozin Kids Colostrum Syrup will have no harmful effects on the wellbeing of your children. Quite the opposite – it will greatly boost their immune system, make them more resilient to infections and contribute to their healthy growth and development with the help of its all-natural complex of:

  • Colostrum
  • Zinc
  • Inositol
  • Vitamin D3

Biozin Kids Colostrum Syrup is available in a 100ml bottle which is equal to about 20 doses.

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