Biozin Kids Lactoferrin Syrup 100ml


With an outstanding antiviral and antibacterial action and a pleasant orange flavor, Biozin Kids Lactoferrin Syrup is the only and most effective food supplement that you will ever need to ensure that your children’s immune system functions properly. This dependable immune syrup from BioShield is among the fastest selling products on Skin Heal’s web store.

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What is Lactoferrin and how safe is it for children?

Just like the name of this pioneering health product suggests it, the main compound of Biozin Kids Lactoferrin Syrup is namely lactoferrin. Given that this special protein is produced naturally by the human organism, your kids’ health and safety with it is guaranteed at 100%. In fact, this ingredient will boost your children’s immune system and it will:

  • Serve as an antioxidant
  • Offer protection against viruses and bacteria
  • Stimulate the production of healthy bacteria in the gut
  • Regulate iron metabolism

The greatest thing about Biozin Kids Lactoferrin Syrup is that it is suitable for children of all ages.

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