Biozin Spray Orale 30ml


Biozin Spray Orale is an advanced health supplement from BioShield that has one quite unique power – to ensure that the pharynx and the oral cavity’s lining are properly functioning. Using this trusted health product also has a positive effect on the throat, respiratory system, mucous membrane, mouth and more. To get it at the best possible price, rely on Skin Heal.

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A non-aggressive but highly effective oral spray

Biozin Spray Orale is not a medical product but a health-friendly food supplement that is made up of the natural protein lactoferrin, red poppy extract, a plant known as drosera and mallow extract. As a result, its use does not lead to any harmful or long-lasting adverse effects. Instead, it:

  • Quickly improves the function of the respiratory system (particularly the upper respiratory tract)
  • Gently soothеs the surface of the mucous membranes and the mount
  • Boosts local immunity actions of the pharynx and the oral cavity
  • Provides protection again infections, viruses, fungus, etc.

How to use Biozin Spray Orale?

To inhale from the spray, lift its cannula and place it in your mouth. Then, direct it toward the back of your throat. Press hard the dosing plump. Recommended daily dose: 2 sprays, 3 times per day.

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