Cavisept Lactoferrin 15 tablets


To enhance the local immunity of the oral cavity’s lining and the pharynx, as well as to improve the function of the upper respiratory tract, rely on the natural powers of Cavisept Lactoferrin. This is a tested and safe food supplement from BioShield, available at Skin Heal’s e-store, and it comes in the form of 15 chewable tablets. It is easy to take and it offers long-lasting effects.

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Cavisept Lactoferrin’s healing properties

Every tablet of this incredible health product contains 10mg of lactoferrin and 40mg of lysozyme. The former has robust antibacterial and immunostimulating properties and the latter is characterized by its impressive antimicrobial actions. When combined together and mixed with some Vitamin C, bromelain (pineapple enzyme extract) and dried propolis extract rich in flavonoids, like it is the case with Cavisept Lactoferrin, no virus or bacteria threating the wellbeing of your oral cavity or pharynx will stand a chance.

For optimal results, this new-generation product should be taken:

  • Without water or other liquids
  • Up to three times a day
  • By people who are over 6 years of age
  • Within its shelf life

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