Citizin Citicoline Tablets 250mg


BioShield Citizin Citicoline Tablets is a trusted and tested food supplement that has a positive impact on the functions of the brain and can effectively improve concentration and boost memory. It contains citicoline which has outstanding neuroprotective qualities and it quickly increases dopamine levels in the brain. This special substance is naturally-occurring in the human body and that makes this first-class health product distributed by Skin Heal extremely safe.

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What can you expect when you take Citizin?

This reliable food supplement delivers guaranteed results that can be felt in just 4-6 weeks. Taking 1-2 tablets a day after meal will:

  • Improve concentration and enhance attention
  • Boost memory
  • Improve blood circulation in the brain
  • Speed up recovery after an ischemic stroke
  • Has a positive effect on the vision in patients with lazy eye or glaucoma

Citizin Citicoline Tablets is often used on people who suffer from age-related cognitive problems and/or memory loss, central vertigo, neurodegenerative diseases, traumatic brain injuries, depression and more.

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