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A Hyaluron Pen is an advanced injection pen that shoots Hyaluronic Acid between the epidermis and dermis to deliver a long-lasting skin rejuvenating effect that successfully reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face and the neck and plumps lips. It is based on a needle-free technology that eliminates the risk of needlestick injuries and capillary breaks. Available at Skin Heal, this dependable product is perfect for people with sensitive skin or needle phobia.

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Rely on your HA injector pen for fast lip enhancement

HA pen lip injections are quick to do and they are able to deliver subtle and balanced lip enhancement results. The device can be used on both the upper and lower lip. Compared to Hyaluronic Acid filler injections via syringe and needle, it is less likely to lead to overfilling since the doses of the product can be carefully calibrated and adjusted. The treatment itself usually lasts no more than 5 minutes at a time. It should be noted that this product is not recommended for non-surgical lip contouring but only for swift lip plumping.

Non-invasive wrinkle removal for men and women

The unmatched filling effect of this hyaluron pen makes it a fantastic solution for the painless reduction of wrinkles appearing:

  • Between the eyes (furrow lines)
  • Around the mouth (nasolabial folds, barcode wrinkles)
  • On the neck
  • In the periorbital area (crow’s feet)

The proven rejuvenating powers of purified Hyaluronic Acid work equally well on female and male patients.

The technology behind this advanced injection technique

Although professional-grade Hyaluron Pen injections officially debuted on the beauty market a few years ago, the modern technology behind them has been in use for several decades in medical products such as insulin, epinephrine, and growth hormone pens. Scientific research has already proven that the use of this type of device on the face, neck, and lips has risk-free cosmetic rejuvenating effects.

This trusted Hyaluronic Acid injection device is based on an automated spring pressure technology that guarantees great precision, incredible safety, and no harmful side effects. Using it is simple and it consists of the following quick steps:

  1. Mount the Hyaluronic Acid ampoule onto the device
  2. Adjust the pressure using the calibrating adjustment component
  3. Set the preferred dosage with the dosimeter
  4. Press the pressurized handle (positioned on the main body of the device)
  5. Press the working button to inject the implant gel into the skin

Once applied under the skin, Hyaluronic Acid will have a powerful lifting, filling and volumizing effect that will successfully correct lines and give lips a plumper and fuller appearance. Because of its automated nature, this high-quality Hyaluron pen injector delivers consistent anti-aging results that can remain visible for up to 9 months. When the effects of the treatment start to wear off, a maintenance procedure can be performed. That will help patients to preserve their youthful and rejuvenated appearance and we, from Skin Heal, will help you get this product at a reasonable price.

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