Neoval Antidandruff Shampoo 125ml


BioShield’s Neoval Antidandruff Shampoo will help you to finally win the battle against dandruff. Results become visible in a few weeks and they are very durable. This clean and pure hair care product prevents the formation of dry flakes on the scalp and treats seborrheic dermatitis’ symptoms. To order this all-in-all antidandruff shampoo, use the services of Skin Heal.

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Key ingredients

  • Ciclopirox Olamine (1%)
  • Pyrithione Zinc
  • Acidum Undecylenicum

Neoval Antidandruff Shampoo contains 1% of the antifungal agent known as ciclopirox olamine. It has a strong antibacterial action and it speeds up the production of valuable enzymes in the scalp. Although this ingredient is present in many other products of this class, here it comes in a winning combo with Pyrithione Zinc and Acidum Undecylenicum. The former reduces skin irritations and treats seborrheic dermatitis while the latter has a cleansing effect and it relieves the sensation of itchy scalp.

How often can you use Neoval Antidandruff Shampoo?

During the first couple of months of the treatment, use this product 3-4 times a week and then only once a week. Apply it directly on the roots of the hair and wash off thoroughly with water.

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