Osteozin Bone and Teeth Stimulant – 30 tablets


Osteozin Bone and Teeth Stimulant is an exceptional food supplement from BioShield that can currently be purchased from Skin Heal. With its powerful formula based on Calcium, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2, it improves bone and teeth health and enables the body to properly maintain and utilize its calcium levels.

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Osteozin offers a shortcut to healthier teeth and bones

This fantastic food supplement comes in a package of 30 tablets and just one tablet a day (taken with meal) is more than enough to:

  • Increase calcium levels in the bone and teeth
  • Decrease calcium levels in the arteries and soft tissues
  • Maintain the optimal health of teeth and bones
  • Promote healthy blood clotting
  • Help the body absorb calcium and phosphorus

A winning complex of ingredients

Osteozin Bone and Teeth Stimulant contains Vitamin D3 which benefits the calcium absorption processes in the human organism and also works as a robust immunostimulant. Vitamin K2 is also present in this ground-breaking health supplement and it supports the functions of Vitamin D3. As for the calcium – it maintains the density of bones and teeth.

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