Restiv Anti-Allergy – 30 Chewable Tablets


Restive is an all-natural food supplement that relieves and resolves allergy symptoms such as itching nose, eyes or skin, swelling, nasal obstructions, sneezing, etc. It is ideal for people looking for a fast anti-allergy solution because the effects of this BioShield product take just 15 minutes to kick in. Skin Heal now offers it at a competitive price.

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What makes Restiv different from other anti-allergy supplements?

The first thing that sets this fast-selling food supplement from other medications aiming to alleviate allergy symptoms is that it is based on natural and eco-friendly ingredients. Because of that, adverse effects are hardly ever observed in patients taking this supplement.

Restiv does not even have an aggressive action since it does not reduce or block histamines. Instead, it affects those immune factors that are triggered during the first stage of an allergic reaction.


  • Does not lead to drowsiness
  • Takes only 15 minutes to work
  • Alleviates various allergy symptoms at once
  • Contains ingredients of a natural origin

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