Acnex Science Alpha Cleansing Foam 140ml


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Histolab’s Acnex Science Alpha Cleansing Foam 140ml is here to put an end to one of the hardest to treat skin problems – excessive sebum production. With its exceptional anti-inflammatory abilities, it destroys bacteria and soothes the skin. This top-selling skincare product will also balance and reduce oil production levels and deliver a thorough skin cleansing to ensure that patients enjoy an acne-free existence. Skin Heal is currently offering this product at a bargain price.

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A reliable cleansing foam with an immediate soothing effect

Oily skin can lead to various skin problems and complications that include everything from a shiny T-zone and clogged pores to stubborn acne and hard-to-treat skin inflammations and irritations. By taking into consideration all of that, Histolab offers an innovative cleansing foam that does an excellent job at cleansing the skin and reducing sebum production. At the same time, it helps patients improve the appearance of their skin by instantly calming and hydrating it. Even people with highly sensitive skin can benefit from using this well-recommended cosmetic product because it is free of alcohol, parabens, and chemicals. Instead, it is packed with important nutrients, vitamins, and risk-free ingredients among which are:

  • Saponin
  • Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Water
  • SRGF H1 Complex (consist of seven plant extracts)
  • Ivy Leaf Extract
  • Decyl-Glucoside

Best way to use Acnex Science Alpha Cleansing Foam

Before applying Acnex Science Alpha Cleansing Foam, clean the skin. Next, wet your hands and put some of this optimized skincare foam on your face avoiding the eyes and the area around them. Wash off the product with lukewarm water and dry the face with a clean towel by carefully patting instead of wiping it. In that way, you will avoid irritating the treated zones. Since this a health-friendly, all-natural cosmetic solution, it is safe for regular use.

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