This is the Return Policy of our website. This page is an addition to our general Terms & Conditions and is explicitly referenced in these Terms & Conditions as an inseparable part of them. By accepting the Terms & Conditions you are automatically accepting this Return Policy. Please read the Terms & Conditions and the Shipping & Delivery pages for further related information.

Client’s Right To Return Items

Every customer has the right to return an item or items purchased from our website, as per this Return Policy page, as well as the general Terms & Condition rules. You must contact our team before returning any item to us and inform us of the reason for returning the item and the shipping method you’ll use to return said item.

There are be basic groups of reasons, accepted for item return:

  • The items you received were malfunctioning, severely defective, broken or with noticeable deformities and/or other forms of damage which either prevent them from properly being used or significantly make them different from the marketed condition and properties;
  • You received the wrong items;
  • The item you received has sustained damage during transportation/shipping;

Customers can return any items they purchased, notifying us about the return within 14 days of receiving it. Customers are required to return items unopened and in good condition, except for the cases when damaged items are being returned (refer below).

Damaged Item Definition and Return

It is our responsibility to prepared the items you purchased and send them to you in a packaging the would reasonably ensure their physical integrity upon arrival, baring carrier mishandling. Whenever you notice a problem with an item or items you bought from us, please contact us to inform us of the problem immediately, but no later than 14 days after receiving your package. You can get in touch with us about the problem at our email address – Our company will not be held responsible for defects or other problems you have found out later than said period after receiving the package.

When making a complaint about an item problem or defect, you’re required to submit all the necessary information such as, but no limited to, your order number, your name, what you have ordered, when you received your order, when you discovered the problem, what the exact problem is. We may request you provide additional information to the one you have initially submitted. We will appreciate your full cooperation, as this is the only way to ensure the problem is resolved swiftly and to a satisfactory end. Client cooperation is especially vital in cases of the carrier mishandling the package.

We will, only accept items for return, which were subject to damage from adverse events. As per our Terms & Conditions and this Return Policy, we treat as such:

Issues with the proper functionality of the purchased items, their overall condition or manufacturing quality, any form of physical degradation or deterioration which prevents the normal usage of the item. Further, we include in this definition damage as a result of item mislabeling by the manufacturer or serious errors in the usage instruction manual, or any form of defect which may be a health hazard for the item.

All items which are returned, must be shipped back in 14 days after you noticing the problem and informing us. After an item sent back from a customer is received, we will subject it to a thorough review to determine/confirm the cause of the problem. If we determine that the problem is indeed no caused by mishandling or by other faults of the customer, we will issue a refund.

To helps us faster process your complaint – please include a copy of the invoice in the return package and, if possible, a note with a brief description of the issue.

Item reviews are individual and the decision and the amount of refund will be made on a case by case basis.