The use of premium-quality cannulas during certain types of medical and cosmetic procedures has been proven to make all the difference. Although small in size, this type of professional-grade medical equipment can determine the success of an injectable treatment. That is why Skin Heal offers a remarkable selection of top-rated cannulas by trusted manufacturers and brands like JBP (Japan Bio Products).

Here you can find specially designed cannulas that can be used for several different types of cosmetics procedures such as mesotherapy, dermal fillers, fat resolving injections and more. Some of the available products from this category which you will discover on our online store were designed and manufactured specifically for one of these modern skin rejuvenation therapy options. In addition to them, however, we also sell universal, multipurpose medical disposal devices that differ in terms of their thickness, side port position, external composition, size, tip shape, etc. We offer options that vary from 21G to 30G, from ⌀0.30 to ⌀0.8 and beyond. They come in boxes of 5, 10, 20, 30… or more cannula needles and are made of premium quality steel.

Many medical and aesthetic experts agree that micro-cannulas are a more suitable equipment option for some of the most popular cosmetic treatments that exist today, particularly when it comes down to swift skin rejuvenation through soft-tissue fillers, mesotherapy, and fat dissolving injections. That is because, unlike needles, these flexible tubes do not have a sharp tip but a blunt one. As a result, they make the injection process safer and less painful for patients. Medical professionals who use this type of equipment, on the other hand, admit that they have more control over the injection and are able to deposit the injectable product in a more equal and subtle manner under the skin. It has also been found that the amazing structural characteristics of these products greatly reduce downtime and the possibility of bruising and swelling symptoms which are typically associated with injection therapies.

From Skin Heal’s website, you can easily order disposable cannulas that can be used for injections of different depth (superficial, middle or deep layer of the dermis) at inexpensive prices. They were all manufactured in accordance with international safety and quality standards and come in marked boxes. Each of them is also individually and safely packed in sterile, double peel-away pouches which prevent them from being exposed to things like dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms, ensuring the safety of both patients and the clinicians who treat them.

If you are not sure what type of top-quality cannula to order, take the time to carefully read the descriptions available on the individual pages of each of these exceptional medical equipment pieces. That is where you will find detailed information on all the separate products. Also, do not hesitate to contact Skin Heal’s client team in case you have some additional questions. We offer only authentic products that are certified as medical devices of the highest quality. They can be ordered in single quantities or in bulk.

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