Dermal Fillers

Patient-friendly dermal fillers have become the easiest, safest and fastest solution against wrinkles, skin depressions, facial volume loss and many other signs associated with the natural aging process. They make an excellent alternative to plastic surgery and the fact that they can be administered in a time-efficient manner via a series of injections is one of the many reasons why these products for minimally invasive, non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation have become such a massive hit on the market.

Skin Heal is among the most reliable wholesale distributors and online retailers of top-notch skin fillers. Our selection of these innovative anti-wrinkle injectables now amounts to more than 100 different products. They all have their own unique properties and characteristics but, at the same time, they share a lot of things in common. As a start, our entire list of this particular class of products is from leading and established brands of the likes of Restylane, Juvederm, HYAcorp, Stylage, Teosyal, Radiesse and many more. They contain no animal-based substances and deliver durable, natural-looking results (which become noticeable almost immediately after the treatment in the majority of cases). The second thing that the superb soft-tissue fillers we offer have in common is their inexpensive price. Clients who order in bulk will even get the chance to enjoy lower prices.

New-generation dermal fillers offer an impressive versatility. They can be applied in various areas not only on the face but also of the body. Even though board-certified cosmetic surgeons typically rely on them to provide patients with fast lip augmentation, hassle-free removal of wrinkles, lines and folds, enhancement of cheeks, chin or nose, some of the options available on our online store can also be used for skin rejuvenation procedures of the hands, decollate, neck and more.

High-performing Hyaluronic Acid fillers are among the most popular types of anti-wrinkle minimally invasive solutions today, especially when it comes to lip injections. That is mainly because they are fully biodegradable and have a 100% biological compatibility which makes them incredibly safe as side effects with them are extremely rare and short-lived. Skin Heal has a vast selection of dependable HA injections. Their gel structure and HA concentration vary depending on the type of treatment and the target injection sites (superficial, middle and deep layers of the dermis).

The world of durable skin fillers has advanced so much in recent years, that these cosmetic solutions have also made their way to other medical fields such as gynecology thanks to products such as Vivacy’s Desirial, for instance, which is specifically developed to provide minimally invasive intimate and gynecological treatments.

A standard treatment involving the use of professional-grade wrinkle fillers usually does not involve a lot of pain or discomfort for the patient. Many of the items from this products category that you can find on Skin Heal’s website contain a small amount of lidocaine – a substance that acts like a local anesthetic. As a result, they do an excellent job at delivering quick and fantastic results through a simple pain-free procedure. Others are characterized by a new-gen formula that contains not only HA but also antioxidants, peptides, minerals and vitamins for even more impressive and durable cosmetic rejuvenation results.

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