These Terms & Conditions regulate the site usage and business relation, as well as any other business and purchase related interaction between the Merchant on one side, referred to as the “company”, the “seller”, “us”, “we” and our brand name “Skin Heal”, and the buyer referred to as the “buyer”, the “client”, the “customer” and “you”, though our website

Agreeing to these Terms & Conditions is obligatory  for you to make a purchase on this website.


Making an order on our website – is possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including official holidays, not counting situations where the site is down due to technical reasons like problems or maintenance (but not limited to). Under normal conditions, a customer order will be processed in 24 to 48 hours, excluding non-work days.  Our company retains the right to prolong that processing period if we deem it necessary.

Customers will shortly receive an automated emails, once placing an order, which will contain the most important information about their order – ordered products, amount, shipping method, VAT (if applicable), final order value, chosen payment method, billing address, delivery address and your provided contact information.

The automated email is NOT an order confirmation. It should be considered only an informative email, generated for the convenience of the customer, allowing them to overview the order information. Explicit confirmation of the order acceptance and item availability, as well as sending and delivery information will be provided additionally by us via email and/or phone. We may also require you to provide additional information, if we consider that the information about billing or delivery is not sufficient for us to complete your order.

An agreement between us and you is considered made when the package containing your item is sent to you. Such is considered completed once the package is successfully delivered.

In the cases where certain offered items are under special regulation in the customer’s location, the products in the store are intended for use by professionals. The Buyer, deciding to purchase, declares that he is a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine. Compliance with local laws, when purchasing and importing items is completely the responsibility of the client.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Methods

We offer two primary methods of shipping to our customers – postal delivery and courier delivery. Each has two available options. Postal delivery is available with Standard Mail and Priority Mail options. Courier delivery is available with Standard Courier and Express courier options.

The cost and time duration of the shipping are dependent on the selected delivery option and the location of the customer.

Delivery Time and Delays

All items marked as “In stock” which are available at our warehouse are normally sent within 48 hours after we received the payment (disregarding weekends and official holidays). Please review the Terms & Conditions to learn about the possible delays of backordered items, section Item Availability and Stock Terminology.

Courier Delivery

Normally, delivery via courier is 2-3 workdays within the EU and 3-5 days to European non-EU countries. Treat these quoted numbers as only a reference. Delays are possible.

Postal Delivery

Items sent via postal services to EU countries are usually delivered within 4 to 7 workdays. Postal delivery to the rest of the world ranges by location, but is on average 10 to 15 workdays (certain countries – up to 20 or more). These quote numbers are only for reference. Delays are possible.


The above time frames are only an estimation based on standard shipping time. Postal delivery can take up to 50 business days. DHL delivery can take up to 2 weeks. Neither of these periods include additional carrier processing or customs inspections (or other customs related delays). A package delivered in the respective 50 business day or 2 week period (depending on the service) will be considered as delivered without a delay. For any further delay, before taking additional actions, the customer is required to first contact us.

When making an order, you will see the shipping rates and estimated delivery time, based on your location, at our website, when making an order. Shipping price is calculated based on your location, delivery method and the weight of the package. Delivery methods may vary depending on your location, the purchased product and the overall purchase weight.

Providing accurate delivery information and delivery address is completely the responsibility of the customer. Our company will not be responsible for any delays or additional charges which are the result of inaccurate or incomplete information that the customer has submitted.

Return Policy

Client’s Right To Return Items

Every customer has the right to return an item or items purchased from our website, as per this Return Policy page, as well as the general Terms & Condition rules. You must contact our team before returning any item to us and inform us of the reason for returning the item and the shipping method you’ll use to return said item.

There are be basic groups of reasons, accepted for item return:

  • The items you received were malfunctioning, severely defective, broken or with noticeable deformities and/or other forms of damage which either prevent them from properly being used or significantly make them different from the marketed condition and properties;
  • You received the wrong items;
  • The item you received has sustained damage during transportation/shipping;

Customers can return any items they purchased, notifying us about the return within 14 days of receiving it. Customers are required to return items unopened and in good condition, except for the cases when damaged items are being returned (refer below).

Damaged Item Definition and Return

It is our responsibility to prepared the items you purchased and send them to you in a packaging the would reasonably ensure their physical integrity upon arrival, baring carrier mishandling. Whenever you notice a problem with an item or items you bought from us, please contact us to inform us of the problem immediately, but no later than 14 days after receiving your package. You can get in touch with us about the problem at our email address – Our company will not be held responsible for defects or other problems you have found out later than said period after receiving the package.

When making a complaint about an item problem or defect, you’re required to submit all the necessary information such as, but no limited to, your order number, your name, what you have ordered, when you received your order, when you discovered the problem, what the exact problem is. We may request you provide additional information to the one you have initially submitted. We will appreciate your full cooperation, as this is the only way to ensure the problem is resolved swiftly and to a satisfactory end. Client cooperation is especially vital in cases of the carrier mishandling the package.

We will, only accept items for return, which were subject to damage from adverse events. As per our Terms & Conditions and this Return Policy, we treat as such:

Issues with the proper functionality of the purchased items, their overall condition or manufacturing quality, any form of physical degradation or deterioration which prevents the normal usage of the item. Further, we include in this definition damage as a result of item mislabeling by the manufacturer or serious errors in the usage instruction manual, or any form of defect which may be a health hazard for the item.

All items which are returned, must be shipped back in 14 days after you noticing the problem and informing us. After an item sent back from a customer is received, we will subject it to a thorough review to determine/confirm the cause of the problem. If we determine that the problem is indeed no caused by mishandling or by other faults of the customer, we will issue a refund.

To helps us faster process your complaint – please include a copy of the invoice in the return package and, if possible, a note with a brief description of the issue.

Item reviews are individual and the decision and the amount of refund will be made on a case by case basis.

Item Availability and Stock Terminology

Not all items marked as “in stock” on our website are physically available at our website. The “in stock” terminology definition we use, includes both items that are available in our warehouse inventory and items that are available to be ordered from one of our suppliers and be delivered to the customer within reasonable time. Items which we order from an external supplier will normally be delivered to us in 3 to 5 workdays. We will inform you about any possible delays to the shipping out of your purchased items.

Our company retains the right to cancel any order for an item that is unavailable at our warehouse, at the moment, and not possible to order or from one of our suppliers or the delivery time to us would be outside of what can be considered reasonable time frame.

Please note no items will be sent to customers or be backordered to be sent to the customer, before you have successfully received the payment.

Client Information

Our customers are responsible with providing all of the required information when making an order.  The information should be accurate and complete. You are to assist us and provide any additional, order related information you are additionally requested to provide.

We will not be held responsible for any delays or additional expenses  which are the result of inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the customer.

Import Duties and Taxes

Customers from the EU are not subject to import fees or similar taxes. They may, however, be subject to paying VAT. Please refer to the Prices and VAT section for more information of the Terms & Conditions.

All import duties, fees and taxes are the responsibility of the customer. It is upon customers to be aware of any import duties, fees or taxes, which are due upon receiving an item purchase from our website. In some situations, it is impossible to release an item from the customs before all due fees and taxes are paid in full.

Please note, that knowing your local laws and the applicable taxes and fees is completely your responsibility.

For any item stopped by the customs and returned to us,  you will be charged additionally for the return expenses and the new delivery.

Cancellation of Orders

Any order may be canceled by the customer at any moment after being made, but not after the item has been sent to the customer.

Prices and VAT

All items listed on our website have their prices shown in Euro with not additional fees or taxes included. All prices listed on the website do not include VAT. Customers from outside the EU do not owe VAT but may be subject to other fees and taxes – please read the Import Duties and Taxes section for more information.

Customers from the EU who provide a valid VAT number will be exempt from paying the tax. You can provide the VAT number during the checkout stage of your purchase and it will be automatically checked for validity by our system.

If you are not VAT registerred person, company or other entity and/or cannot provide a valid VAT number, VAT will be automatically added to your order’s final value, as per your local VAT rates. If are not VAT exempt or are unsure – please get in touch with our prior to making your purchase.

Payment Methods

You can pay for your order via a bank transfer to our company bank account or pay using your credit or debit card, using the integrated checkout service on our website. Your payment must be finalized, i.e. the money must be received by us, before we send your item. Any conversion or transfer fees involved in the transaction are the responsibility of the customer.

The card payments are processed by a reliable and authorized checkout service. All customer information is fully protected. Your card information is safe, being hidden even from us.

Note there is an anti-fraud protection of the checkout service, so we may request additional information regarding the transaction, if the system raises a suspicion about the transaction. This is only an additional layer of protection for our customers.

Payment Refunds

The refunds are issued using the same method of money transfer as the method chosen by the client to make the initial payment. Shipping fees are non-refundable, with the exceptions of non-sent items, which will be refunded in full.

It can take up to 30 days for a transfer or a refund to appear in your bank/card statement. If the refund is not visible after that period – please contact your bank or card issuer.

Content of Our Website

All content on our website is subject to change. While we try to maintain accurate information, it is possible there are inaccurate information or errors that need to be corrected. We retain the right to change any form of content – text, media, video, images or other at any moment. Should the change affect customers who have already made an order – we will notify them as soon as possible.

Limitation of Liability

The liability of our company will only be limited to the amount that a customer has paid for their purchase. No damages beyond that amount will be covered by us, no matter the type of liability – strict, product or negligence liability.

We will not be responsible for any indirect damages or losses which were suffered either by the buyer or third parties, including customers and business partners of the buyer. Such damages include, but are not limited to loss of opportunity, loss of business, loss of profit, loss of client interest, or other forms of loss, which can be legally qualified as “damages”. Our company will not be responsible for any form of indirect damage suffered by the customer.


You can file a complaint with us at our email address

Applicable Law

All relations between the customer and us will be regulated as per Romanian and EU laws, as well as these Terms & conditions, except for rules of choice of law and CISG.


We maintain full rights to alter our services, the items we offer for sale, as well as any aspect of our way of operating our business and any content on our website. Any information accessible through our website should be considered a subject to potential change, without prior notice.

It is our right to refuse or cancel any order, even for items which are physically in stock. In the event of order cancellation of an item which has already been paid for, we will issue a full refund, including shipping fees, to the customer, excluding cases where additional expenses on our end were required because of customer negligence, incomplete information or other unforeseen event. Refer to Return Policy for more details about item refunds.

Any non-delivery which is the result of unforeseen events will not be considered the fault of our company, as well as non-delivery because of item unavailability, delay in the delivery to us by supplies or other circumstances making the item impossible to be delivered on time.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our website contains two types of intellectual property. Third party intellectual property only consists of content we deemed fit for free re-usage and modification. This may include, but not be limited to videos, music, images, text. This may also include embedded content hosted on another website.

We try to protect the intellectual property of third parties and only use intellectual products which are free for commercial usage and re-usage. If however, you find that your intellectual rights have been violated or that we have misused your content or have not properly attributed it – be sure to contact us at our email

Any content on this website that is the intellectual property of our company is strictly prohibited from re-usage, sharing, redistribution, re-sale or any other form of publishing or sharing without our explicit consent.

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