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Aqua Science Water-Max Foam Cleanser is a premium-quality skincare product with a 2-in-1 action – it effectively cleans the skin from dirt, oil, makeup, etc. and it helps it stay perfectly hydrated with its impressive water replenishing properties. This outstanding foam cleanser is suitable for people with dry skin and its advanced formula is enriched by Histolab’s proprietary SRGF H1 Complex. We, from Skin Heal, are among the top online distributors of this excellent cosmetic masterpiece.

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A robust at-home cleaner with an SRGF H1 complex

There are not many homecare cosmetic products that pack an impressive skin-boosting power but Aqua Science Water-Max Foam Cleanser is surely among them. It is easy to use and to apply. Just wash your face thoroughly and then put a few drops of the gel on wet hands and carefully rub it into the skin of your face. Leave the product on for several minutes to do its job and then wash it off with slightly warm water. By doing that, you will effectively moisturize your skin because this user-friendly foam cleanser is based on a ground-breaking SRGF H1 Complex developed by Histolab.

This pioneering skincare cleaner also has a soothing and calming effect because it contains Beta-glucan and an extract from Common purslane. The Japanese Iris in its composition has skin brightening powers and because of that it greatly improves the overall tone of the skin.

An excellent solution for dry skin

Histolab’s Aqua Science Water-Max Foam Cleanser makes an excellent addition to the daily skincare routine of people of all skin types. But it highly suitable for those who struggle with dry skin because it:

  • Does not cause skin irritations
  • Provides an almost instant hydration
  • Thoroughly cleanses the skin
  • Retains water

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