Aqua Science Water-Max Hydrating Cream 50ml


Looking for a moisturizing skincare product for topical use that is both inexpensive and effective? What you need is Aqua Science Water-Max Hydrating Cream 50ml by Histolab. We, from Skin Heal, now have this exceptional hydrating solution in our carefully selected catalog because we have recognized its premium quality and its fast and comprehensive action. It contains all-natural ingredients and it will keep your skin healthy and revitalized for a long time.

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The 3 main actions of this risk-free hydrating cream

Do not be fooled by the name of this high-class skincare product. Even though it is classified as a risk-free hydrating cream it will improve the appearance and overall health of your skin in three different ways:

  • Significant skin moisturization boost and hydration retention
  • Anti-inflammatory action that quickly calms skin irritations
  • Strong protection against UV light and other environmental factors

All of that is achieved through Aqua Science Water-Max Hydrating Cream’s advanced formula that includes a trademark SRGF H1 formula. It features a mixture of valuable all-natural ingredients that are each known for their unmatched hydrating properties. Together with the Lecithin and the Sodium Hyaluronate that can also be found in this product, this cutting-edge complex maintains skin’s healthy hydro balance. Also in the mix are Betaine and Portulaca Oleracea extract – two non-toxic substances that have an impressive skin-soothing effect. As for the UV ray protection, it is achieved through Beta-glucan and Bee wax which forms a protective layer over the skin.

Application zones

To make the most of the outstanding revitalizing properties of Histolab’s Aqua Science Water-Max Hydrating Cream, apply it on clean skin. The following areas which can be treated with this top-notch cosmetic product are:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolleté

Skin Heal offers this new-generation skincare cream at an exclusive price.

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