Basic Science Callus Stempeel PHA 100 – 120ml


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Basic Science Callus Stempeel PHA 100 120ml by Histolab is an innovative peeling product. It is so gentle that it can be safely used on sensitive skin. Because of its remarkable moisturizing, healing and skin-boosting properties, this top-rated cosmetic solution can also be classified as a skin conditioner of a new generation. You will now find in among Skin Heal’s fast-selling products along with many other masterpieces from Histolab’s Basic Science line.

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An outstanding peeling solution for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin rejoice because you can finally enjoy an all-around peeling treatment. Histolab, an established and renowned cosmeceutical company from South Korea, has crafted Basic Science Callus Stempeel PHA 100 specially for patients who are hypersensitive to the effects of standard peeling therapies and cosmetic solutions. This is a product that is largely plant-based and it does not contain aggressive substances. The powerful peeling effects of the acidic ingredients which it features in its carefully tailored formula have been perfectly balanced by natural and nutrition-rich substances.

Basic Science Callus Stempeel PHA 100’s skin-boosting properties

The key reason why this optimized peeling product is so suitable for patients with irritated or sensitive skin is because it also acts as a skinbooster. Basic Science Callus Stempeel PHA 100 significantly improves the health and condition of the treated area because of its many additional superpowers:

  • Thoroughly cleanses the skin from impurities using the amazing powers of Citric Acid, Lactic acid, and Glycolic acid
  • Improves skin’s overall health and condition by delivering it with important nutrients found in Ipomoea Hederacea Callus culture extract
  • Provides lasting hydration and calms irritations with the help of Nelumbo nucifera flower and cactus

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