Basic Science Histo Aloe Vera Gel – 1200ml


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Soothing skin irritations, promoting skin healing, restoring the natural hydro balance, battling inflammations, improving skin’s condition and delivering durable protection against environmental factors… Basic Science Histo Aloe Vera Gel 1200ml does it all. The key to the success of this groundbreaking Histolab product is hidden in its key active ingredient – Aloe Vera extract. Use it on malnourished, rough or dry skin to improve its appearance and condition. Buy it from Skin Heal to save money.

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The incredible skincare superpowers of Aloe Vera

About one-fifth of Basic Science Histo Aloe Vera Gel is made up of the extract from Aloe Vera. This is a type of succulent plant and it is often used in the field of professional-grade cosmeceuticals and there are several good reasons for that:

  • It is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin
  • It is packed with valuable vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
  • It has incredible anti-inflammatory properties
  • It delivers an instant cooling and calming effect
  • It has unmatched hydrating powers

Since a skin that is excellently moisturized, rich in nutrients and healthy is also characterized with a smoother, softer and more elastic texture, it can also be said that this revolutionary skincare gel has impressive anti-aging effects.

Other key ingredients in this quality cosmetic gel

To further enhance the powers of Aloe Vera, Histolab has added several other risk-free ingredients to Basic Science Histo Aloe Vera Gel’s formula:

  • Sodium Hyaluronate for extra hydration
  • Chamomile extract for a faster soothing effect
  • Trehalose for a long-lasting calming and cooling sensation
  • SRGF H1 Complex for an improved hydration and skin health
  • Allantoin for protection against various environmental factors

This top-notch cosmetic solution can be used on the skin of the neck and the face. Rub it carefully until it is fully absorbed.

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