Basic Science Histo Conductive Gel – 500ml


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Basic Science Histo Conductive Gel 500ml is an advanced cosmetic product that is designed to be applied immediately after a more aggressive skincare treatment (e.g. IPL or laser therapy). It effectively reduces and even completely eliminates many of the unpleasant sensations after such aesthetic and medical skin therapies such as redness, sensitivity, and irritation. Manufactured by Histolab and distributed by Skin Heal, this outstanding conductive gel greatly hydrates, soothes and boosts skin’s health.

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When should Basic Science Histo Conductive Gel be used?

Some professional cosmetic treatments like laser or IPL therapies can deliver impressive skincare results. But due to their aggressive and invasive nature, they commonly lead to side effects and skin irritations. With Basic Science Histo Conducive Gel, those are reduced to a minimum. This unique cosmetic solution speeds up the patient’s recovery after such procedures. It has a remarkable soothing property and the ability to increase and retain skin moisturization. That, combined with its excellent conditioning powers, makes the skin visibly softer, smoother and more revitalized. It can be applied on patients with any skin type and it has been found to be most effective when used on aging skin.

A versatile complex of skin-boosting ingredients

Most of the active components in this reliable skin-boosting product are risk-free and plant-based. As a result, it is a perfect solution for hypersensitive patients.

  • Aloe Vera extract – quickly calms and hydrates the skin
  • BSASMI Complex – supplies nutrients via a mix of extracts from seven different plant species
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – durable skin protection and moisturization
  • Extracts from rice, Boswellia Serrate, and tomato – nutrients

Histolab’s Basic Science Histo Conductive Gel is made for professional-only use. It is applied on the patient’s skin with the handle of an IPL or laser machine so that it can be better absorbed by the dermis.

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