Basic Science Histo Moisturizing Cream Mask – 250g


Histolab’s Basic Science Histo Moisturizing Cream Mask 250g is one of the best hydrating skincare products available for purchase today. With its trademark SRGF H1 Complex and plant-rich formula, it delivers fast skin revitalization that is characterized by improved hydro balance, reduced appearance of shallow wrinkles and a skin that is softer. Its effects become visible in a matter of days and its price is irresistible when you order it from us, at Skin Heal.

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Enjoy a softer, more youthful and better-hydrated skin

Keeping your skin properly hydrated will have an overall effect on its condition and appearance. The fastest way to test that is by using Basic Science Histo Moisturizing Cream Mask. It is among the most reliable products from this class because it serves as a long-term skin hydrating solution. Apply it daily and in two weeks’ time, you will notice that the skin of your face will become:

  • Smoother as fine lines and wrinkles will be removed
  • Healthier and firmer as nutrients and vitamins boost its condition
  • Revitalized as the hydro balance is retained for a long time

This high-quality cream mask works best on rough and dry skin.

A trusted moisturizing cream mask with SRGF H1 Complex

SRGF H1 Complex is featured in many of Histolab’s new-generation skincare products. It is a patented mix of ingredients carefully selected by the leading Korean company to provide the skin with long-lasting hydration and to immediately soothe any irritation symptoms. Basic Science Histo Moisturizing Cream Mask’s amazing moisturizing abilities are further boosted by yet another powerful hydrating agent – Sodium Hyaluronate. In that way, the skin is not only thoroughly moisturized but its healthy hydro balance levels are also effectively preserved. We, at Skin Heal, deliver this optimized face mask in its original box and with fast international shipping.

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