Basic Science ION-TO C (M*A*P Powder) – 50 vials x 1.5g


Basic Science ION-TO C (M*A*P Powder) is an excellent addition to any professional skin treatment with Iontophoresis. It will greatly benefit patients who are over 40 and need an effective anti-pigmentation solution that will also provide them with visible skin rejuvenation results. This risk-free skincare solution by Histolab comes in a pack of 50 vials (x1.5g each) and it can be easily purchased via Skin Heal’s online store.

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An effective hydrating and anti-pigmentation solution

Iontophoresis therapies can serve multiple purposes and one of them is to provide patients with a durable and safe skincare treatment. With Histolab’s Basic Science ION-TO C (M*A*P* Powder), such procedures can considerably improve the hydro balance of the skin, as well as to correct any pigmentation problems (such as dark spots, for instance). This top-rated product is suitable for people who:

  • Are 40 and over
  • Have tired skin
  • Need a speedy fine line removal solution
  • Have a dry and rough skin
  • Suffer from excessive melanin production

Key ingredients in Basic Science ION-TO C

Magnesium-L-Ascorbyl-Phosphate (MAP) and a Vitamin C powder – these are two main active ingredients in Basic Science ION-TO C. The former is responsible for the hard-to-beat calming and hydrating properties of this new-generation cosmetic product and the latter – for the impressive vitalizing effect which it has on the treated areas. After each Iontophoresis therapy with it, the skin will become shinier as it will acquire a healthier glow. Stubborn dark spots and patches will be easily removed with the help of the Arbutin in this product’s formula. This ingredient gradually brightens the skin and improves its tone. Last, but not least, this dependable cosmetic solution also contains Ascorbic Acid that further revitalizes and refreshes the appearance of the treated zones.

We, at Skin Heal, offer this and other Basic Science ION-TO products.

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