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Basic Science ION-TO V (MULTI-VITAMIN) harnesses the exceptional properties of natural ingredients and advanced scientific findings in the field of modern-day dermatology. Specifically developed to be applied during minimally-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation treatments with an Iontophoresis machine, it is filled with a long list of skin-boosting vitamins, peptides, nutrients and other non-aggressive ingredients that deeply moisturize and easily rejuvenate the skin. Produced by Histolab and sold by Skin Heal, this outstanding skincare solution does not disappoint.

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A vitamin-rich skin rejuvenation product

Featured in Histolab’s cutting-edge ION-TO range that is entirely tailored for Iontophoresis skincare treatments, this one-of-a-kind product makes the most of the natural healing, rejuvenating, hydrating and revitalizing properties of risk-free and heath-friendly substances. Its hard-to-match anti-aging effects stem from that fact that it provides the skin with both nutrients and moisturization. This is achieved through a special SRGF H1 Complex which consists of a bouquet of peptides that have the ability to improve skin’s hydro balance, as well as to retain water.

  • Quickly improves elasticity
  • Effectively boosts skin hydration levels
  • Swiftly soothes irritated skin
  • Successfully revitalizes treatment zones through a powerful nutrients supply
  • Delivers lasting cosmetic rejuvenation results

The durable anti-aging abilities of Basic Science ION-TO V (MULTI-VITAMIN) also have a lot to do with its vitamin-rich formula. This patient-friendly cosmetic solution features a carefully designed selection of multi-vitamins (Vitamin B5, B3, etc.). They have a positive effect on skin’s elasticity, appearance and they also calm irritations and inflammations.

Standard treatment protocol with Basic Science ION-TO V

Use 3 to 5cc per each therapy session. Apply during Iontophoresis treatments with galvanic current, using a saturated gauze. Ensure that the solution is fully absorbed by the skin. Effects become visible after several such procedures.

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