Derma Science 47% Vita C Complex Ampoule – 50ml


We, from Skin Heal, are excited to introduce you to Derma Science 47% Vita C Complex Ampoule 50ml – one of the gentlest yet most robust skin brightening products on today’s market. It is featured in Histolab’s pioneering Derma Science range which means that aside from having undeniable anti-pigmentation powers, it is also developed to serve as an all-around skin booster that quickly restores the hydro balance of the skin and protects it from irritations.

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A premium-quality skin whitening solution with soothing powers

Derma Since 47% Vita C Complex Ampoule is an outstanding skin whitening solution. It improves the tone of the skin and gradually reduces dark spots because it is rich in Histolab’s Vita C Complex and Arbutin which are both famous for their impressive brightening powers. The unique thing about this ground-breaking skincare ampoule is that even if you apply it on sensitive skin or use it for a prolonged period, it will not dry, irritate or damage your skin because it packs the following additional properties:

  • Effective moisturization of the skin and hydro balance preservation (Sodium Hyaluronate, SRGF H1 Complex, and Trehalose)
  • A fast soothing effect (Aloe Vera extract)
  • Protective functions (Glycyrrhiza Glabra Powder)

Basic application guide and side effects

Start by meticulously cleaning the skin of your face. To boost the effects of this world-class cosmetic ampoule, treat the skin with a toner (preferably one from Histolab’s Derma Science line). Take 2 or 3 drops of the product and rub them on your face.

The most commonly observed unwanted reactions caused by this product are very mild (swelling, bruising, itching, redness, sensitivity) and typically disappear in a few hours. Purchasing this health-friendly face mask from Skin Heal’s online store will reduce the risk of unwanted reactions because we sell only 100% authentic products.

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