Derma Science Post Laser Sun Blemish Balm 50ml (SPF 35/PA++)


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Derma Science Post Laser Sun Blemish Balm 50ml (SPF 35/PA++) is a must-buy cosmetic product for people who are about to undergo laser therapy. The company behind this premium-range cosmetic balm is market leader Histolab and it has created it as a fast solution that will calm treated skin and reduce the side effects caused by laser skincare procedures. We, from Skin Heal, offer it as part of our growing product arsenal.

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A fast way to treat post-laser therapy side effects

Laser skin treatments are a great way to deal with a wide range of cosmetic concerns – from acne and scarring to psoriasis and hyperpigmentation. Still, they often lead to post-treatment adverse effects like:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Dryness
  • Artificial light sunburns

Derma Science Post Laser Sun Blemish Balm (SPF 35/PA++) is a revolutionary skincare product that is applied after such aggressive cosmetic procedures to reduce the discomfort caused by the above-listed adverse effects. It can be used in a combination with a soothing lotion or toner from Histolab’s Derma Science line and it has almost instant and very durable effects that will easily calm all types of skin irritations and reduce the risk of inflammations and other post-therapy complications.

A trusted skincare product packed with valuable ingredients

Most of the substances used in the making of this high-quality skin balm are of a natural origin. That is why this product is highly compatible with all skin types and it does not trigger unwanted reactions.

  • Aloe Vera extract – a speedy soothing effect
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – lasting hydration
  • Callus Culture extract – robust nourishment
  • Rice bran extract and Arbutin – impressive antioxidant qualities and skin brightening properties
  • Titanium Dioxide – effective sun protection
  • Calendula flower extract – safely calms skin irritations

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