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ES Line PLACL Single Screw threads are primarily used for general face lifting purposes. These suture products can stabilize and lift sagging tissues, restore volume and even out depressions on the skin of the patient’s face. Additionally, they merge the advantages and remove the cons of PLLA and PCL threads, using an innovative PLACL technology, first introduced by Aptos, which allows the to not only lift sagging skin, but generally improve its condition, rejuvenating it and boosting collagen production.

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What characterizes screws threads is that they are entangles around the insertion needle, unlike the straight mono threads. This enables the to be an excellent skin volumizing, non-surgical solution, that can even replace sculpting fillers in certain situation and remove the need for filler injection in deep skin depressions or severe folds.

This notion of the ES Line PLACL Single Screw Threads as an alternative to fillers is furthered by the specific properties of Poly-L-Lactic Acid suture. One of its main advantages is the superior boost in collagen Type 1 and collagen Type 3 production, as well as overall improvements to skin volume. The strengths of PLLA (and by extension – PLACL) threads makes them a preferred suture for face lifting.

But what sets these lift threads aside, is that beyond simply lifting loose tissues, they will improve the condition of the patient’s skin in the long run, as well. This is where Polycaprolactone comes in. It provides PLACL face threads with a longevity of up to two years and a posterior effect of one addition year of boost in collagen production, higher moisture levels.

So why PLACL Single Screw threads from ES Line?

PLACL threads are the next step in lifting suture products and this single screw thread from ES Line proves that by providing doctors and patients with a lasting skin volumizing and rejuvenating solution, with quality, until recently only associated with Aptos threads.

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