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These PLLA 3D Cog Threads from ES Line offer one of the most wholesome lifting solutions on the market. On one hand PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid) lifting threads are the strongest ones on the market, offering straightening of sagging tissues for up to two years, while at the same time boosting the volume of skin depression areas. However, this thread also has 3D cog barbing, which means that the collagen production boost effect is amplified even further, providing quality which matches Aptos products.

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PLLA threads improve collagen production more than classic PDO thread. A Poly-L-Lactic Acid lifting thread will increase Type 1 and 3 collagen production immensely. They are stronger, last longer, but at the same time dissolve completely safely inside the body, turning into lactate, glucose etc.

The collagen production is also increased due to the barbing on the thread itself. Typical for 3D cogs is that there are miniature barbs on very side and along the lengths of the thread. They play a double role. For one, the body’s reaction to the external object inside it is amplified by the bards, causing higher levels of collagen to be produced by the skin. Second, the barbing makes the thread much more stable, preventing the possibility of shifting and removing the need for fixation point, which mono threads need, for example.

Lifting threads – alternative to fillers

A lot of dermatologists and plastic surgeons will recommend the PLLA 3D Cog Threads from ES Line to traditional surgery or filler/Botulinum injections. The procedure is much less invasive than surgery, while at the same time the achieved straightening, volumizing and revitalizing effects on sagging skin and tissues of lifting threads us longer (and often superior) to injectables.

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