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GINO BODY is among GINO R&D’s most innovative products. This is a groundbreaking spicule cream which is featured in the company’s GINO Peel range. Offered by Skin Heal, it contains exfoliating Glycolic Acid, skin-soothing Urea, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and… freshwater poriferan spicules. The latter has impressive cell regeneration, anti-inflammatory and calming properties making this risk-free peeling product a top solution for keratosis pilaris patients.

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A risk-free peeling solution with many pros

Most products that aim at treating keratosis pilaris are topical creams that fail to reach the deeper layers of the skin. GINO BODY is a unique peeling cream that effectively penetrates the skin since it features freshwater Poriferan sponge’s spicules. These spicules are like tiny microneedles that have the amazing ability to encourage cell regeneration, smooth the skin and fight inflammation.

  • No side effects
  • Compatible with all skin types (including oily, dry or sensitive)
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Chemical-free and natural-based
  • Effective for patients of various ethnicities (Asian, Caucasian, African, Hispanic, etc.)
  • Has an overall skin-boosting ability

Skin concerns which can be treated with GINO BODY

GINO BODY is designed to provide people suffering from keratosis pilaris with an effective treatment that has durable results. This condition is common all over the world and it affects both men and women. Also called goose flesh, this cosmetic concern includes the following symptoms:

  • Rough bumps on the skin
  • Pain and discomfort around the affected areas
  • Dry skin patches
  • Seasonal highs and lows

This health-friendly spicule peeling cream contains the word “body” in its name as this condition usually affects the upper arms, buttocks or the thighs. GINO BODY makes an outstanding treatment solution for patients who struggle with the above-listed symptoms and have been diagnosed with keratosis pilaris.

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