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Stubborn facial acne has a new mortal enemy called GINO FACE. This is a superb spicule cream crafted by South Korean pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical company GANA R&D to help patients with acne-prone skin who are seeking for a simple, yet fast and effective way to balance oil production levels in their skin, reduce inflammation and improve their appearance. It is a top-selling peeling product on Skin Heal since it relies on all-natural freshwater sponges.

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About GINO FACE and Spongilla

Freshwater Poriferan spicules – this one of the key active ingredients used in the making of GINO FACE. It is derived from a genus of sponges that can be found in streams and lakes and is officially known as Spongilla. They cause a very mild inflammation which:

  • Encourages the skin to regenerate itself
  • Removes acne pustules
  • Calms the skin
  • Reduces excessive sebum production

Other important ingredients and substances in this trusted peeling solution are Alpha Arbutin, Niacin, Hyaluronic Acid, and Salicylic Acid.

Additional treatment effects patients can expect

GINO FACE’s main goal may be to successfully treat and eliminate acne on the face but its beneficial skincare effects do not end at that. The freshwater Poriferan spicules found in its composition have the unique ability to speed up the skin cell turnover process. By doing that, they stimulate the development of new skin cells which has hard-to-match cosmetic rejuvenation and regeneration effects. The skin of the face will become considerably smoother and any fine lines on its will become less visible. Enlarged pores will also shrink in size as the spicules create minuscule holes through which any impurities can easily come out. The overall immunity of the skin will also be boosted and that will reduce the risk of recurring acne breakouts in the future.

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