Gouri PCL Polycaprolactone Skinbooster (1 x 1ml)


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Offering a completely new approach to full facial rejuvenation, Gouri is a collagen boosting skin filler, based on the biodegradable and safe polymer Polycaprolactone. One of the most powerful stimulants to collagen synthesis, PCL is used in this filler in liquid form, allowing for better and more uniform results, as well as completely natural appearance and filling of age-related skin depressions.

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Traditional PCL solutions have an immediate filling effect and then subsequent generation of collagen in the dermis. However, the approach used with Gouri is different. Utilizing the CESABP technology, it’s a liquid collagen booster, aimed and the long term and thorough rejuvenation of the skin. It works in several stages:

  1. Application – Gouri PCL filler is added directly into the skin. There is no immediate filling effect, but that is evened out by the better long-term results of skin rejuvenation.
  2. Spreading the product – being a liquid collagen booster the Gouri Polynucleotide filler is much simpler to effectively spread out. A simple gently massage is enough for uniform application. No bumps, lumps or product shifting, like gel fillers based on PCL would sometimes do.
  3. 3D Matrix rebuilt – as time passes the PCL molecules applied to the skin will begin forming new 3D matrix structure for improved skin support and lifting effect. Around these new skin cells with be created and fibroblast production will be stimulated.
  4. Neo-collagenesis – as the new skin cells are formed, they rapidly generate collagen. Over time, the area around the new 3D Matrix is filled with natural collagen and the condition of the skin is rapidly improved – smoother, more elastic and with less visible wrinkles and skin folds.

Gel Polycaprolactone fillers are often limited in their area of usage – primarily for contouring. Gouri PCL is instead a flexible whole face rejuvenating product. A full revitalization procedure with liquid Polycaprolactone induced neo-collagenesis can be performed using just two packs of Gouri, applying 0.2ml per area, in a 10-point overall treatment protocol.

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