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Jalupro HMW is a trusted biorevitalizer that is specifically developed to treat, refresh, rehydrate and revitalize dehydrated skin showing signs of aging such as wrinkles and depressions. It is categorized as a top-range mesotherapy product and it is applied to the skin via injection. It contains a cocktail of amino acids that naturally stimulate the skin’s cells to work at a greater speed, delivering a more youthful appearance.

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Every box of Jalupro HMW includes a bottle of amino acid solution and a single-use glass syringe prefilled with Sodium Hyaluronate gel. These two solutions are mixed and are then injected into the desired area (neck, face, hands, inner thighs, décolleté, abdomen, knee area or underarms). Because of this powerful formula, the product offers both immediate and continuous results. Therefore, patients enjoy short- and long-term benefits. The cosmetic rejuvenation filler may be reapplied six months after the first mesotherapy session with it to retain and prolong the achieved results and maintain the skin’s youthful and radiant appearance.


  • Dehydrated skin
  • Enhancing and retouching the effects achieved with other cosmetic procedures
  • Correction of scars and wrinkles
  • Prior to or after skin revitalization treatments

Guaranteed quality and results

The company behind Jalupro HMW is Professional Derma. Based in Switzerland, it has established itself as a leading developer and producer or premium-quality medical devices. Therefore, this new-gen mesotherapy product has a trusted origin. It does not use aggressive chemicals. Instead, it relies on a combo of amino acids and sodium hyaluronate to stimulate the skin cells, hydrate the dermis and slow down the aging process.

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