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Combining collagen synthesis boost with thorough hydration makes the Linerase Hydro a go to skinbooster product for professionals looking for a highly effective solution for anti-age therapy. Offering quick overall rejuvenation of the dermis with lasting improvements to the health of the skin, with improvements to ability to hydrate and synthesize collagen and elastin. Linerase Hyadro is appropriate for usage on the entire face, as well as the neck and v-line areas.

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Skinboosters are often preferred to regular fillers due to their ability to improve the skin in the long run. While Linerase Hydro will not have the immediate volumizing effect of a soft dermal filler, in terms of wrinkle treatment, it will, over an extended period of time surpass it in boosting the condition of the skin. It’s low-molecular weight Hyaluronic acid will effectively fill the extracellular skin matrix and improve its health, while also boosting the skin cell’s ability to property hydrate themselves. This is the perfect environment for the synthesis of collagen.

Once the conditions for that synthesis are created, the amino-acids Linerase Hydro skinbosoter contains, will take effect. They are carefully selected and combined to achieve optimal results in collagen and elastin synthesis. As this process takes places, the skin depressions will get naturally filled, all the while the supportive tissues in the deeper layers of the skin will be restored. A visible and powerful lifting effect on sagging tissues will be observed, not long after the treatment process is complete.

A complex solution for mesotherapy and skin rejuvenation, Linerase Hydro helps with a multitude of problems:

  • Treats dry and aged skin, moisturizing it deeply.
  • Helps to regain lost elasticity, smoothness and skin texture.
  • Balances the skin tone and boost overall facial radiance.
  • Amplifies the natural self-healing capabilities of the skin.

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