Lipo Lab V-Line (10 x 10ml)


Lipo Lab V-line is a superb fat-melting product for the face and the neck. So, it can correct double chin and improve the facial contour by dissolving fat deposits in the problem areas. In contrast to liposuction, the treatment is affordable, pain-free, and quick. Best of all, it also improves the condition of the skin by hydrating and rejuvenating it.

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How Does Lipo Lab V-Line Work?

This fat-dissolving product relies on a combination of amino acids and natural ingredients to correct the contour of the face. For the most part, it can be applied on various facial zones that need some slimming. For instance, board-certified plastic surgeons can use it on the following areas:

  • Neckline
  • Under the chin
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline

Usually, Lipo Lab V-line starts working almost instantly after the treatment. Also, does not lead to adverse events since it is free of aggressive chemicals. Best of all, the solution will improve patients’ appearance in more than one ways that include:

  • Destruction of localized fat deposits
  • Correction of the facial contour
  • Skin elasticity boost
  • Hydration

Treatment Protocol

Typically, one treatment with this fat-melting product consists of three sessions. Each of them is done within an interval of at least ten days.

Doctors must inject the solution into the deeper layers of the skin (5 mm). Also, when they do a full facial therapy, practitioners must not use doses higher than 2cc.

In most cases, the procedure lasts 5–30 minutes and its effects need seconds before they show. What’s more, Lipo Lab V-line offers permanent fat-burning results that can be maintained through exercise and a healthy diet.

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