Neuramis Volume with Lidocaine


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Add volume under aging and saggy skin with Neuramis Volume with Lidocaine to instantly rejuvenate, refresh and rehydrate it. Offered by Skin Heal, this reliable soft-tissue filler by Medytox uses a proprietary S.H.A.P.E. Technology, sterilized Hyaluronic Acid, UTW needles, and lidocaine to deliver an effective, low-risk and free of pain skin rejuvenation. With it, the reduction of deep wrinkles and folds is instant and the enhancement of chin, lips, cheekbones, etc. does not require a scalpel.

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What does Neuramis Volume Lidocaine do?

Neuramis Volume with Lidocaine is Medytox’s most powerful Hyaluronic Acid skin filler. It has an impressive cross-linking rate because it has gone through a game-changing two-step cross-linking process. As a result, it never fails to deliver durable and balanced results when it comes to:

  • Non-surgical reduction of deep folds and wrinkles (nasolabial folds, marionette lines, forehead wrinkles, etc.)
  • Fast lip plumping
  • Minimally-invasive cheekbone and chin augmentation
  • Patient-friendly forehead enhancement

How to preserve the treatment results for longer?

A standard anti-aging treatment with Neuramis Volume consists of two to three injection sessions (with an interval of three to six weeks) the results of which remain visible for about half a year or even more. Since this outstanding dermal filler is HA-based, its effects are temporary as its gel dissolves into treated soft tissues over the course of a few months. To preserve their rejuvenated look for longer, patients are advised to repeat the treatment every 3-6 months. Avoiding alcohol, medications and hot temperatures before and after a session with this product will also deliver longer-lasting facial enhancement and anti-wrinkle results. Purchasing this cosmetic solution from trustworthy retailers and distributors, such as Skin Heal, is also important as it will ensure that you will get a 100% original product.

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