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Similarly to the other products of this series, the Optivisc M is viscosupplementation which enables orthopedists to treat the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis like pain and  reduced join mobility, without surgical intervention. A solution, which requires no downtime, Optivisc M is a Hyaluronic acid gel, which also contains Mannitol, an anti-oxidant which will make the HA more stable and the effect of the injections – longer lasting. The high concentration of Hyaluronic acid – 40mg per 2ml, ensures that the Synovial fluid balance will be restored.

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Osteoarthritis is a common condition, often with people of older age. The knees the most often affected area, with symptom appearing in such forms as:

  • Pain
  • Cracking
  • Reduced mobility
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling around the joints

This is directly related to the reduced amount of Synovial fluid and its lower quality (less viscosity, worse filtering properties). These problems are addressed by Optivisc M with the introduction of an injectable viscosupplement with a very high concentration of Hyaluronic acid per milliliter – 20mg/ml or 40 in total in the syringe.

The HA gel works alongside the Synovial fluid to reduce the friction of the joints and forms a protective layer. This directly contributes to reducing the inflammation and thus – the pain and swelling.

A treatment course with the Optivisc M will offer the patient more comfort and less pain and adverse symptoms for nearly 6 months. Effects are amplified as the HA gel also contain Mannitol – a powerful anti-oxidant, which preserves the Hyaluronic acid from the natural metabolism of the body and makes the benefits of treatment of the knees longer lasting.

Optivisc M is not a permanent solution to osteoarthritis and the related problems in the knees. What it is, is a temporary, but quick working solution that helps to avoid any risks involved in surgical treatment.

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