Plasma Fresh PRP Kit


Plasma Fresh Kit for PRP therapy is a German-made set used for the extraction of platelet-rich plasma. This Class II medical device is made of premium-quality materials and it makes the PRP extraction process more effective since it features an anti-coagulant and a Thixotropic gel. It turns any PRP procedure into a hassle-free experience and it is the go-to option for many clinicians.

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The certified Plasma Fresh PRP Kit can be used during different kinds of PRP therapies. That is because it is a universal set which is found to be easy-to-use by a wide range of medical and cosmetic practitioners. Some of the PRP treatments which can be executed with the help of this handy product cover fields such as:

  • Cosmetic rejuvenation
  • Soft-tissue injury treatments
  • Hair restoration
  • Dentistry
  • Pain management
  • Reproductology, urology, and gynecology
  • Neurology

What does Plasma Fresh PRP Kit include?

This is an all-in-one set which means that it includes all the necessary equipment pieces for the successful execution of the platelet-rich plasma extraction process (minus the centrifugation machine). Every box of this product features a sturdy medical glass tube which can survive even the most rigorous centrifugation cycle. A very fine butterfly 23G needle can also be found in the pack. It serves a smart, double purpose since it can be used not only during the blood extraction stage of the PRP therapy but also during the injection stage of the process when the plasma with high platelet concentration is injected back into the patient’s blood stream. The Thixotropic gel that comes with this product, on the other hand, will safely isolate the Superintendent. A small dose of Sodium Citrate is also featured. It plays the role of an anti-coagulant preventing the platelets from aggregating.

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