Rejeunesse Sparkle (3 x 2.5ml)

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Rejeunesse Sparkle is a multipurpose Hyaluronic Acid filler. It does more than eliminate shallow lines – it is also characterized by outstanding skin rejuvenation and hydration properties. This new-gen product contains a minimum amount of BDDE and it features an HCCL technology. As a result, it does not hide any risks for the patient’s health and it makes the treatment highly effective. Results look natural and last for a long time.

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Like all other HA fillers, Rejeunesse Sparkle contains Hyaluronic Acid. This element is naturally present and produced by the human body and it has many wonderful qualities that give the skin a youthful and radiant appearance. HA plays a crucial role in maintaining the skin’s firmness, hydration levels, elasticity, etc. But as the body grows older, this important element depletes which leads to lines, wrinkles, folds and many other skin imperfections. By injecting the patient’s superficial dermis with this product, however, clinicians can immediately correct thin shallow lines around or/and under the eyes, around the mouth or superficial forehead wrinkles (worry lines).

Unlike most other HA fillers, Rejeunesse Sparkle does not rely on high doses of BDDE to boost the cross-linking properties of the product because such endotoxins often cause more harm than good and lead to side effects such as skin stiffness. Nevertheless, even without BDDE, this product achieves breathtaking, long-lasting effects because it was produced with the use of special High Concentration of Cross-Linking technology.

Rejeunesse Sparkle in numbers

  • 20mg/mL – Hyaluronic Acid concentration
  • 3mg/ml – lidocaine concentration
  • 5mL – packaging
  • 6 to 8 months – longevity of the results after a single injection treatment
  • 24 months – shelf life (from date of production)
  • 0% – animal-based HA
  • 100% – cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid particles

2-25°C – storage temperatures

Additional information

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Please, before using this product check the included product and documentation (leaflet, instruction, manual, back of the box information, etc.. Make sure you've acquainted yourself with all relevant information which regards usage, safety protocols, proper application, counterindications, possible adverse effects and/or any other details regarding the product which would allow for it's appropriate and safe usage. Ensure that you or the person using the product is not allergic to one or more of the ingredients (e.g. for products containing Lidocaine).

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