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RRS HA Skin Relax is a meso solution, which is most effective when injected into tired and aged skin with reduced elasticity. Intended for skin treatment and rejuvenation in the face, neck and decollete areas, this is a Hyaluronic acid based form of injectable mesotherapy, focused on reversing the skin aging processes, especially premature aging, caused by environmental factors, smoking, bad diet or lifestyle etc, restoring the smoothness and softness to rough skin and helping with the removal of more delicate or superficial wrinkles.

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RRS HA Skin Relax is a powerful form of skin booster for deep skin rejuvenation and hydration which over the course of just three treatments can revert a lot of the negative consequences of skin aging, which usually presents itself with loss of volume, loss of elasticity, worsened skin texture and roughness.

To address the above issues, HA Skin Relax from the RRS line utilizes the patented Bonta 568 formula, leaning on the effect of both Sodium Hyaluronate and a complex of peptides which are known to boost the skin’s health and rejuvenate its condition. While HA, as the rest of the meso series, is the focal point of the ingredients, the Skin Relax RRS also contain five different pentapeptides, six hexapeptides and eight octapeptides. Hyaluronic acid and peptides have been known to amplify their cumulative skin rejuvenating effect, so this combination has been appearing more and more in recent years.

Unlike, fillers which are expected to offer immediate results, the RRS HA Skin Relax is a long term effect product and it can have a very lasting positive effect for the skin  in the face and neck areas, supplying it with nutrients and helping the natural moisture levels to be restored.

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