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Skin spots and skin darkening are one of the more popular problems, especially with people past a certain age. RRS HA Whitening represents one of the most effective forms skin mesotherapy for addressing issues with skin hyperpigmentation, but also discoloration and skin tone imbalance. Injected in various areas of the face, neck and décolleté, the meso solution not only will deal with skin darkening or loss of color spots, but also have a profound and lasting rejuvenating effect. Highly effective and safe for usage, RRS HA Whitening can also be injected into the hand and body to deal with pigmentation issues.

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As most of the products in the RRS line, the HA Whitening uses a simple formula to achieve optimal results – non-crosslinked Hyaluronic acid is solved in a buffer, which is a mixture of various nutrients and other rejuvenating ingredients, selected to achieve a certain task, in this case – skin tone improvement. The list of these includes:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract
  • White mulberry leaf extract
  • Arbutin
  • Retinyl Palmitate
  • Aminoethylphosphinic acid

The point of doing mesotherapy with RRS HA Whitening is not to just lighten dark skin spots on the face or the hand, but to restore the balance of nutrients in the skin for an extended period of time. Skin pigmentation problems can be directly related to issues like premature aging, tired skin, bad skin hydration etc. In order to fix the problem period, HA Whitening address not only the direct issue (hyperpigmentation, discoloration, skin tone problems) but also treats the underlying cause. Healthier, softer and more elastic skin is much less prone to forming dark spots, for example.

And unlike other skin lightening solutions on the market, this RRS meso product is not limited to facial treatment, but can be freely injected into the hands, neck or even the skin of the abdominal area.

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Please, before using this product check the included product and documentation (leaflet, instruction, manual, back of the box information, etc.. Make sure you've acquainted yourself with all relevant information which regards usage, safety protocols, proper application, counterindications, possible adverse effects and/or any other details regarding the product which would allow for it's appropriate and safe usage. Ensure that you or the person using the product is not allergic to one or more of the ingredients (e.g. for products containing Lidocaine).

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