RRS HYALIFT® 75 (6 x 5ml)


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Mainly used for skin rejuvenation and revitalization, the RRS Hyalift 75 is an extremely effective product for anti-age therapy, based on Hyaluronic acid. It uses highly concentrated, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid (HA) to bosot the natural skin healing and regenerating processes, resulting in smoother and more elastic skin, with less pronounced wrinkles and more youthful appearance.

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One of the main advantages of RRS Hyalift 75, as opposed to other products for skin rejuvenation and anti-age therapy on the market is how quick the results are to notice. Tailored for middle aged patients, over the age of 35, this injectable HA treatment will bring about noticeable skin lifting and wrinkle smoothing results, in just a couple of procedures. As versatile form of skin therapy, the Hyalift 75 can deliver all the benefits of improved dermal condition in a variety of areas of the face and body, including neck, cleavage, and the back of the hands.

Speciaily developed by Skin Tech Pharma Group, RRS Hyalift 75 delivers the high quality expected from European products for the care and revitalization of the skin. Made to thoroughly boost the overall skin condition, after a full course treatment, with results lasting for months.

The standard way to apply RRS Hyalift 75 to the skin is via microneedling, with 1cm intervals.

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