S-DNA for Skin Cell Regeneration – 1 x 1ml


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S-DNA is an injectable product that delivers DNA treatment which regenerates the skin cells. By doing so it offers a long list of anti-aging effects such as wrinkle reduction, a lifting effect and improved skin elasticity. In addition to that, the product has skin brightening and would healing properties and it can even help with the treatment of acne. its main ingredient is derived from salmon and it is highly tolerated by the human body.

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What is S-DNA and What Does It Contain?

Cell and tissue regenerating product S-DNA contains purified Sodium DNA. This ingredient has been extracted from salmon and it is very compatible with the human organism and particularly with the skin. What’s more, it has a long list of skin boosting, rejuvenating and healing powers that include:

  • Anti-inflammatory actions
  • Improvement of skin elasticity
  • Regeneration of dermal cells
  • Wrinkle smoothing
  • Skin whitening

To achieve the above-listed effects and results, the product does the following two things. Firstly, it stimulates the A2 receptor and that in turn improves the microcirculation in the dermis and has an overall rejuvenating effect. Secondly, S-DNA stimulates the growth of skin cells and by doing so it helps the dermis to repair and regenerate itself.

Application Areas and Protocol

S-DNA can be injected in the face, the neck or the back of the hands. Unlike filler injections, for example, it does not offer immediate effects. Instead, the patient needs to undergo 3 to 4 treatment sessions to enjoy optimal results. It’s best if they are done at 2-3 intervals.

Additional information

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