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The Smart Mirror is a revolutionary device that can immensely ease the work of cosmeticians and dermatologists. An advanced skin analysis system, it can perform 10 different types of scan of the skin of your patient, allowing to get a precise information about its condition. The Smart Mirror system is easy to operate, can retain the data of all your patients. It allows for the analysis to be exported along with your recommendations, so it can be emailed to the patient. Additionally, the software includes a store application, which can be used to sell recommended products to c customers.

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The machine has 10 analysis modes included in the software, which are performed using a powerful 15 megapixel lens and 24HD shadow-less lights. Operation of the device is done via a convenient to use LED panel, which can be rotated at 180 degrees. The software is installed on top of Windows 10 and you can install close the app and install additional mail client, so you can easily send patients their results and/or your recommendations directly from the machine. For extra convenience you can create, maintain and update an individual profile of each of your customers, directly onto the Smart Mirror skin analysis device. The LED display is touch and has an on-screen keyboard, however, you can connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, for ease of usage. The machine can link to your WiFi network.

In terms of actual operation, it’s quite simple – the patient puts their face in front of the camera and covers their head with the foldable shield. With just one click/tap you can initiate the smart analysis, which takes 10 seconds for the facial capture and additional 20 for the actual skin analysis itself. The results of each skin analysis provides extensive information and the machine will offer automatic suggestions for skin treatment, based on the skin problems it has detected.

Technical specs of the Smart Mirror skin analysis system

  • 10 analysis modes
  • 24 separated hi-definition shadow-less lights
  • RGB, Ultraviolet and Pulsed light imaging spectrum
  • 10-inch touch display
  • Windows 10 OS
  • Dedicated software with customer profiles, analysis export and integrated store

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Please, before using this product check the included product and documentation (leaflet, instruction, manual, back of the box information, etc.. Make sure you've acquainted yourself with all relevant information which regards usage, safety protocols, proper application, counterindications, possible adverse effects and/or any other details regarding the product which would allow for it's appropriate and safe usage. Ensure that you or the person using the product is not allergic to one or more of the ingredients (e.g. for products containing Lidocaine).

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