Aqua Science Water-Max Infusion Mist – 140ml


A fast and easy way to revitalize your skin is by optimizing its hydration levels. How to do that? Just rely on Histolab’s Aqua Science Water-Max Infusion Mist 140ml – a top-performing skincare product that will greatly improve moisture levels even of aging and very dry skin. To experience its unmatched soothing and revitalizing properties, get it now from Skin Heal.

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A long-lasting skin moisturization and revitalization

Histolab, the leading Korean cosmeceutical company responsible for the existence of this top-tier cosmetic solution, has managed to craft a product that swiftly revitalizes the skin through fighting off skin irritations and providing the treated zones with durable hydration. To make that possible, the cosmetic giant has used the following key ingredients in the making of Aqua Science Water-Max Infusion Mist:

  • Beta-glucan – greatly calms the skin
  • Betaine – quickly battles skin irritations and hydrates
  • Lecithin – impressive moisturizing properties
  • Allantoin – a guaranteed soothing effect
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – deep and thorough skin hydration and water retention in the skin
  • SRGF H1 complex – significantly increases moisture levels

All of these substances are free of chemicals and toxins. What is more, many of them are 100% natural which means that you do not need to worry about side effects or allergies.

A first-class homecare cosmetic solution for all skin types

Similar to most other professional-grade skincare solutions from Histolab’s Aqua Since product range, this one has also been developed to meet the needs of people of all skin types. It is particularly effective on patients who have aged, dry, rough and/or flaky skin because it gradually hydrates the dermis at a deeper level and maintains its hydro balance.  Do not hessite to place your order today on Skin Heal’s online store.

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