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Aqualyx is a premium-quality fat-resolving product with unbeatable efficacy in the minimally-invasive treatment of localized adiposity. Now featured in Skin Heal’s product catalog, it is more than capable of delivering fat-dissolving results that are almost as effective as liposuction. Patients who undergo Intralipotherapy with or without cavitational adipocytolysis can enjoy permanent removal of fat pockets in various areas of the body (arms, hips, back, stomach, chin, etc.).

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Pain-free treatment of localized adiposity

All non-surgical fat-dissolving treatments with new-generation lipolytic injectables such as Aqualyx are several times less invasive, painless and quicker than liposuction. But with this unique product, localized adiposity is guaranteed to involve zero pain and discomfort. Qualified clinicians do not even need to use anesthetics before a procedure with it. That is because it is always administered through the innovative injection infusion Intralipotherapy which is specially designed for this solution and involves the use of thin-walled needles from the Lipoinject range.

  • Correction of double chin
  • Removal of abdomen fat
  • Reduction of muffin tops
  • Treatment of pseudo-gynecomastia
  • Elimination of fat pockets on the hips, thighs, under the buttocks or around the knees
  • Removal of bingo wings

For swifter and more pronounced fat-melting effects, cosmetic surgeons can perform a cavitational adipocytolysis. By sonifying the adipose tissue and fat deposits with an ultrasound (300 to 900Khz), clinicians will achieve longer-lasting results

Who can perform a treatment with Aqualyx?

Since the application of Aqualyx must be done with the Intralipotherapy injection technique, it cannot be carried out by clinicians who have not been trained to use it. Otherwise, the patient’s comfort and the treatment’s safety and efficacy will be compromised. The procedure is always performed with Lipoinject needles because they have been designed namely for this product. Only they can deliver a smooth flow and an even distribution of the solution.

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