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Every filler family needs a skinbooster to complete the product line. Nex / Nexfill is no exception. Aqyanex is a premium quality skin hydration and skinboosting solution, which creates the perfect conditions to active and enhance the skin’s natural self-rejuvenating capabilities, including predisposing the extracellular 3D matrix for the synthesis of collagen. Not only does the Aquanex skinbooster provide quick and visible results, but it’s beneficial after effect will be felt for months after the procedure.

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Aquanex is a pure Hyaluronic acid based skin booster, manufactured using non-crosslinked HA. In terms of product properties, this skin hydration solutions is quite similar to Hyaron, with one major difference – Aquanex has double the concentration of Hyaluron. Each box of Aquanex contains 25ml of HA, as opposed to just 12.5mg in Hyaron. Higher concentration of HA also means better skin hydration and overall, more powerful skinboosting results.

Addressing the basics of skin rejuvenation and restoration:

  • Rapidly boost skin hydration and restore the natural moisture balance in the dermis.
  • Ensure that the effect, while quick is also lasting, meaning that softness and smoothness become the norm.
  • Overall improve the conditions in the dermis, particularly in regard to creating the perfect conditions for collagen synthesis.

Aquanex is not a typical filler, which aims to immediately, restore volume. Instead, it takes care of the aged and tired dermis, boosting the condition of skin cells. Further, it helps the regeneration of supportive tissues and reduces overall sagging as the skin lifts up, due to the positive effect of the Aquanex skinbooster.

A standard protocol of four procedures is recommended for achieving the most lasting results in skin rejuvenation and hydration. Each session can be about three weeks apart. Once the cycle is complete, maintenance procedures for skin revival using Aquanex can be done ever quarter or so, to maintain the skin boost effect.

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