Revofil Aquashine BR (1 x 2ml)

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Aquashine BR is the upgraded version of the already highly potent skin filler which is the Revofil Aquashine. This unique cosmetic solution combines the effect of removal of superficial wrinkles with the lasting skin rejuvenation of high quality mesotherapy products and as a further bonus – removal of freckles and skin lightening properties. A truly one-of-a-kind HA filler, Aquashine BR is a powerful anti-age tool with guaranteed improvement of skin hydration, elasticity and smoothness.

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Most dermal fillers are based on Hyaluronic Acid and Aquashine BR is no exception. This is a powerful natural substance, which can also be found in the human body, which helps the skin to properly hydrate. In the form of injectable gel, it is much more stable and resistant to the metabolism, which allows it to hydrate the skin for a longer period of time and to fill superficial wrinkles in a natural way.

Because Aquashine BR combines peptides with the HA inside the gel, the end product is much more durable and effective, has a better viscoelasticity and its effect is noticeably longer lasting. Further, this amazing beauty solution contains: 14 vitamins, 4 peptides, A coenzyme, 24 amino acids, 8 minerals. This rich complex of active ingredients and nutrients takes care of the skin of the patient over an extended period of time, properly rejuvenating it and reversing the natural aging processes, as well as the negative effects of harmful environmental factors like pollution, sun exposure, etc.

Last, but not least, Aquashine BR has a skin brightening effect. Addressing problems related to darkening of the skin, as a result of excessive production of melanin or to remove freckles.

Features of Aquashine BR

  • Hyaluronic Acid concentration – 15mg/ml
  • A complex of vitamins, mineral, nutrients and other active ingredients
  • Biomimetic peptides
  • Superficial wrinkle removal
  • Mesotherapy solution
  • Skin brightening

Additional information

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