Basic Science Histo Lightening Cream Mask – 250g


Basic Science Histo Lightening Cream Mask 250g is produced and designed by Histolab to help people with hyperpigmentation problems. It quickly improves the skin tone and successfully removes darks spots. Unlike most other low-risk products of this category, it also offers various additional skincare benefits with its exceptional hydrating, soothing, revitalizing and rejuvenating properties. Now you can purchase this all-in-one skin brightening face mask directly from Skin Heal’s online store.

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A highly effective skin lightening product

With a cocktail of non-aggressive ingredients like plant-derived components (found in its SRGF H1 Complex), extracts from Citrus Reticulate Peel and Niacinamide and more, Basic Science Histo Lightening Cream Mask manages to treat dark patches and spots caused by excessive production of melanin or other pigments. Aside from having unbeatable skin whitening properties, this advanced cream mask also has a few additional superpowers in its arsenal:

  • Delivers overall skin rejuvenation and revitalization
  • Safely calms irritations and inflammations
  • Easily nourishes the skin
  • Retains water in the skin, improving its hydro balance

A top-notch skin brightening cream mask that is easy to use

Basic Science Histo Lightening Cream Mask may be a professional-grade skincare product but, as a homecare solution, it is incredibly easy-to-use. Simply apply it on the skin of your face before bed and wash it away with lukewarm water when you wake up in the morning. It is important to use it on a skin that has been cleaned and to keep it away from your eyes. Histolab also advises consumers to combine its robust skin brightening powers with those of a professional skincare therapy to enjoy optimal results. Buying this product from a licensed wholesale distributor and online retailer like Skin Heal will ensure that you will get an original product that is highly effective and safe.

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