Basic Science Histo Sebum Catch Cream Mask – 250g


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Say goodbye to oily skin, clogged pores and poor skin hydration with the help of Basic Science Histo Sebum Catch Cream Mask 250g. Featured in Histolab’s growing and top-rated Basic Science product line, this outstanding face mask will easily restore sebum production levels and fully eliminate cosmetic concerns related to oily skin. You are looking at one of the top-selling skincare products on Skin Heal’s online store. It offers a 100% patient satisfaction.

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Use to restore skin’s normal sebum production levels

When the skin produces too much sebum, it retains more impurities, clogs the pores, compromises the hydro balance levels and it can lead to additional aesthetic problems such as acne. Basic Science Histo Sebum Catch Cream Mask uses the natural properties of health-friendly ingredients like Callus Cultured extract and a mix of seven plants (SRGF H1 Complex) to safely balance oil production levels in the skin, restore its elasticity and offer it a great health boost through a cocktail of amazing nutrients and peptides.

This long-lasting cream mask takes just minutes to apply and to work. It can be used on sensitive or recently treated skin without the risk of irritations, complications or any other side effects. It does not contain aggressive chemicals and it will not trigger any allergic reactions.

An affordable cream mask like no other

Other big skincare benefits offered by Basic Science Histo Sebum Catch Cream Mask are its:

  • Rapid cooling effect delivered by the Menthol in its formula
  • Unbeatable cleansing powers
  • Deep and lasting moisturizing abilities

When purchased through Skin Heal’s online store, this premium-quality cosmetic product also comes at a competitive price.

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