Basic Science ION-TO P (BIO PLACENTA) – 20ml x 50 vial


Basic Science ION-TO P (BIO PLACENTA) can take advanced Iontophoresis skin therapies to a new level. Crafted by established cosmeceutical company Histolab, it has incredible hydrating properties which gradually smooth the skin and significantly improve its elasticity, giving patients a more youthful appearance. This outstanding skin rejuvenation product contains plant-derived placenta and is scientifically proven to be safe. We, at Skin Heal, are thrilled to share that it is now part of our product catalog.

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A shortcut to a well-hydrated and wrinkle-free skin

Basic Science ION-TO P (BIO PLACENTA) contains an impressive amount of moisturizing ingredients such as Histolab’s very own SRGF H1 Complex, hydrolyzed corn protein, extracts from Phytoplacenta and Eucalyptus leaf, as well as Lecithin. Because of that, an Iontophoresis skin therapy that involves the use of this top-tier cosmetic solution is guaranteed to have a deep hydrating effect on the skin of the face. With the help of the numerous peptides, amino acids, nutrients, and vitamins in its composition, this unique product will successfully improve and preserve skin’s hydro balance. That will lead to other skincare benefits such as:

  • A greatly improved skin elasticity
  • Painless correction of superficial lines
  • Overall skin revitalization
  • Considerably improved skin texture and softness

How to apply Basic Science ION-TO P

Histolab’s Basic Science ION-TO P (BIO PLACENTA) is part of the company’s professional product line which means that it must be applied by qualified dermatologists. That is best done with the galvanic stick of a professional Iontophoresis machine. For safety reasons, cosmetic pros who are performing the therapy are advised to wear protective gloves. The product is gently massaged into the surface of the skin. It is to be applied only the face. About 3-5 cc of this high-quality skincare solution is more than enough for a single procedure with it.

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