Dermaheal Eyebag Solution (5 x 1.5ml)


Dermaheal Eyebag Solution is a specially developed meso product from Caregen, which is specifically tailored for removing and preventing the formation of eyebags. Like the rest of the Dermaheal mesotherapy line, Eyebags relies heavily on the power of peptides to take care of one of the most common skin problems of both women and men. With a special complex of peptides Dermaheal Eubag Solution will provide effective and lasting eyebags treatment results.

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While the other Dermaheal mesotherapy products also have positive influence on eyebags, this product offers a more targeted and streamlined solution. Injected into the area of the eyes, Dermaheal Eyebag Solution deals not only with the eyebags problem, directly, but has a beneficial effect on all the accompanying issues –  wrinkles, dark circles, fat tissue deposit formation under the skin.

The factors that cause the formation of eyebags are many. Most common reasons are fatigue, sleep deprivation, stress. However, other notable culprits of this skin problem under the eyes are some illnesses, autoimmune conditions, environmental factors, diet and more. The end result is always the same though – swelling under the eyes (sometimes severe).

To deal with the above symptoms Dermaheal Eyebag mesotherapy, reduces actual swelling and prohibits the lymphatic obstruction, while at the same time dissolving fat tissues that might have accumulated in the area. Further it improves the overall condition of the skin around the eyes and directly addresses secondary problems, the result of eyebags, such as wrinkles, skin tone darkening and loss of skin moisture.

What is Dermaheal Eyebag Solution’s Secret?

As always with Dermaheal mesotherapy – it’s the peptides, with four being the main active ingredients:

  • Tripeptide-41 / CG-Lipoxyn
  • Nonapeptide-18 / CG-Formade
  • Oligopeptide-61 / CG-Cellsolin
  • Oligopeptide-73 / CG-EPG

The first one induces lipolysis and dissolves any unwanted fat tissues under the eyes. Second boosts skin rejuvenation, preventing wrinkle formation, and also has a beneficial influence over any undergoing inflammatory processes.  The third one blocks adipogenesis – the formation of fat cells, and boosts the lipo effect. Last one reduces the effects of and shields the skin against environmental factors, especially sun ray.

Injection protocol of Dermaheal Eyebag

The recommended scheme of injection is one bottle, once a week. The number of sessions is determined by your dermatologists or cosmetician.

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